Tech Consulting

Complete consulting in the area of technology, such as workshops, process automation, team management, maping of necessities and proposal of solutions, development of systems, implementation and maintenance of systems.

Software development

We specialize in software development, offering bespoke solutions, able to attend to several levels of complexity , diverse needs and segments, always using current and high performance technologies.

Mobile development

We turn your idea into a mobile app. We develop multiple mobile solutions, deliver native or hybrid projects (Android e IOS), using current tools such as ReactNative, Xamarin, Android Studio, Xcode e Swift.

Apart from the app, we elaborate a solid  backend so that your product works, with Apis Restful services and content management panels.

Web Aplications

We develop Web Systems, sites and portals with cloud architecture, guaranteeing scalability, integration and robustness.

Having a Web app guarantees your company a series of benefits like a accessability, because your app will be accessible from anywhere in the world, and your colaborators and managers can access this remotely; regardless of the environment, it can be accessed in smartphones. tablets and notebooks.

We also highlight the speed of the system and the update flexibility, because the launch of a new version happens, for exemple, in a simplified way, because it is done in one single place, without needing to be installed in multiple devices.

We also highlight the safety, time optimization in the execution of tasks and the generation of savings, because it excludes spending with infrastructure.

API platforms

We are living in the APIs Era.

Their implementation will have a positive impact in your business. We can highlight as benefits the agility and efficacy of integrations, which enable the exchange of information in a simple and safe way.

We add the power of amplifying  business oportunites, allowing agile and easy conexions, reducing costs, creating integration services which are reusable, monitoring access, expansion and growth.

Given their usage, the services can become available to thousands of clients; your company will only provide data to these clients, without the need of a web page.

It is a valuable resource to your business, which will bring you multiple possibilities and will be developed within the needs of each client.

Systems integration

The integration of systems is essential to guarantee a good productivity  and the effective management of an organizations.

It is a good option for companies who look for a simpler and more organised work flow.

This resource allows for the communication between systems, allowing distinct sectors to exchange data, making the execution of tasks more efficient and agile, avoiding conflict of information and diminishing the danger of errors.

We highlights as benefits cost reduction, enhancement of performance, optimization of processes, efficiency in communication between departments, among others.

Amongst the diverse systems which normally require integrations, we can mention:

. ERP (Integration of business management systems);

. CRM (Customer servisse management systems);

. Legacy systems

We have a highly qualified team, able to offer the best solutions, even in the most complex environments, aiming to meet customers needs in the best possible way.

Design Thinking and UX

In our internal processes, be in the creation of a system or the search for an inteligente solution, we always use tools such as UX and  Design Thinking.

Those resources are powerful tools which help us in the creative solutions to problems, always with clients as our focus. We look to develop products which are useful and wanted by the users, so they are fully satisfied when using our technologies.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a global tendency which substitutes the storage of data in an analogical manner (folders, archives).

According to research by GlobalData, by 2020, 94% of the companies will use this service.

Cloud Storages is an automated eficient and safe way of  managing your information; this online tool, with low implementation costs, gives your business safety, cost reduction, mobility and agility giving you more time to invest in strategic activies which will boost your company.

We develop solutions directed toward  Cloud Computing and facilitate data migration a cloud environment, significantly lowering your costs and optimizing your employess time.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning’s goal is to create systems with the ability to analyse information and learn with them, doing tasks based on experience.

This sophisticated technology can be implemented in several areas, expanding business operational intelligence, informatizing activities, helping with decision making and the search for opportunities.

Research published by MIT Sloan Management Review indicates that at least 38% of companies which adopted machine learning conquered improvements in their performance.

Big data and business intelligente

Big Data refers to an extensive volume of data generated by business and people; its value is not limited to the amount of information it can store, but to the possibilities of transformation of that data for the benefit of the organization.

The usage of Big Data is considered an important resource  which helps companies know and understand their target-audience, identifying their preferences and behaviour pattern, fundamental information to elaborate strategies and adequate and efficient approaches.


Very far from bitcoin,  Blockchain is a technological solution which promotes security and transparency in data sharing; its complexity and adaptability to demand guarantees privacy, traceability, time efficacy, reduction of cost and autonomy in the exchange of information between organizations.

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Start the digital revolution in your company with insptech

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Start the digital revolution in your company with insptech

We are looking for great businesses. Get in touch with us and start your


>> Click here if you want to start working with us.

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